About George

The author

The author

I enjoy travel and I love photography.

The creative process involved to develop this site allows me to combine my experiences from these pursuits, and escape from the pressures of daily life in a constructive way.  My travels are usually preceded by a fair amount of research.  The pages and posts here will attempt to present the best of the best, and acknowledge sources, providers and special tips that might be of interest to you.  If you landed here, it’s probably because you googled one of my featured destinations, and are preparing your own next great adventure.

Read on, and I hope that the posts here inspire you to get out and try something new, no matter what your pursuits.  Musings and travel reports appear in the main section of the blog.  Special reports and photo galleries can be found in the Destinations and Photography tabs across the top of the page.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs on this site are © George D Bailey.  Non-commercial use is permitted with acknowledgement of the source (author and website).

– George


  1. Hi George,

    On Sootoday, a news platform for Sault Ste. Marie; there is a great story about how the “paint” was made to create the pictographs along Lake Superior. Just thought you may be interested in the read.
    I also enjoyed your photos!

    Take care!

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