Ottawa Tulip Festival – 2013 Edition

Ottawa Tulips

This year’s edition of the Tulip Festival is in full swing.  Despite very large crowds at Dow’s Lake (at least 6 tour buses were parked along Carling Avenue near Preston), smiles could be found everywhere, and everyone waited patiently for their turn to have pictures taken with loved ones in front of the flower beds.

The overcast conditions made for excellent photographic opportunities – nature’s softbox kept the harsh shadows at bay.  The wind, however, made conditions a bit tricky.  A little patience, and some good timing, ensured that the shots were in focus.

Tourists are fun to observe, and funny at times…Ottawa Tulips

They remind us locals of what it is to truly appreciate our environment (I believe that good tourists should have that positive impact on locals wherever they may be), and everything that it has to offer.  The word appreciation comes to mind.

Funny too, because I think that our reputation has gotten out there.  I must have been asked by half a dozen couples to take pictures of them, with their cameras, in front of the flower beds.  Audacious too because I would always show them the picture that I had just taken and asked if it was OK.  In one case, a couple asked me to take another shot because they would have liked to see more of the flowers in the background.  When I asked where the zoom control on their camera was, the response was “no zoom, you backup!”.

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