Open water

Ottawans suffered through a long, snow-filled winter this year.  Many of my co-workers were able to escape to warmer climates south of here for a break, but others, including myself, had to wait it out for the first signs of spring.

The icepack on the Rideau River cleared out only recently, and a sure sign of better things to come is when nesting pairs of ducks have enough space (land and water) to mark their territory, and prepare for the brood to follow.

My arrival at the river’s edge was definitely unwelcome.  Staying still, and adopting a low profile by remaining crouched down the entire time I was there convinced the half-dozen pairs of ducks to return to the shoreline.

It was a privilege to be able to observe their behaviours up close, including watching this male bathe in what was the first open water of the season.



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