First Snow

We drive past hundreds of lakes, large and small, on our road trips to Thunder Bay. A series of 3 small lakes (Mom Lake, Dad Lake and Baby Lake) deep in the heart of Lake Superior Provincial Park have always caught my attention.

These lakes are relatively small and compact, and maybe it’s that you can take in their entire shoreline in one sweeping view that attracts me to them. They are surrounded by boreal forest, and have rolling hills as a backdrop.

And yet, even though we allow lots of time to take in the views on the trip segment between Sault Ste-Marie and Thunder Bay, I had never felt like these lakes were picture worthy… until this particular trip a few weeks ago. We left on a morning following a snowfall – the first snowfall of the year for us – and everything seemed special.

Driving north from Sault Ste-Marie for 1 3/4 hours, Mom Lake caught my attention in a way that it hadn’t yet in a dozen years or so. We pulled over, soaked in the views, and took a few pictures to remember the moment with.

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