Lake Superior

The stretch of Highway 17 from Sault Ste-Marie to Rossport offers several outstanding views of Lake Superior.  In some years, this area has been a destination, while in others, we were “just passing through”.

The lake does have its moods, all of which are determined by prevailing weather conditions.  As a result, the lake has a different personality with every visit.


  1. Your picture are awesome! I am taking my Granddaughters there next week and you have given me wonderful ideas on where to take them Thank you!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I am trying to find the person who took some pictures of my family when we were at bathtub island. She had my permission. But I can’t remember her name or the site she said I would be able to find the pictures. Wondering if anyone can help. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing about bathtub island! I travel through the park all the time but never knew how to get there. The video was awesome. Thanks!

  4. your pictures are beautiful….I think I am going to explore around there this summer…

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