Snowbird Pass – Mt. Robson Provincial Park

We met a mother and daughter duo at the junction for the trail to the pass, and happily took pictures of them at a signpost.  Our progress was slowed by the many fine views along the way, and by a close encounter with a marmot on the side of the trail. Dark clouds and strong winds moved in, and we eventually met again with the mother and daughter team who had decided that the combination of bad weather and exposed rock was not worth the thrill. After a brief conference, we decided to press on – but not without a challenge from Mother Nature…  As we walked along a ledge, strong diagonal winds seemed to push us toward the precipice with every step.

We eventually made it to a waterfall, and to fine views of Robson Glacier and Extinguisher Tower. A series of switchbacks took us to Snowbird Meadows – the calving grounds for caribou normally closed to hikers earlier in the season.  The final push got us to the pass, and to howling winds as we gazed upon the Reef Icefield.  Rocks were needed to anchor the tripod for our group photo…

There were many tempting locations for pictures and video clips.  I found myself taking both while walking on a ledge heading back toward our campground. It was during this stretch that Jim advised me of any old Himalayan mountain guide saying: “You can walk… and you can look… but if you are going to walk and look – I want to be paid in advance!” Thankfully, we got the shots and made it back without incident.

Check out a section of trail with this video clip:

Our evenings at the day use shelter were a wonderful opportunity to relax with a meal, and great conversations about recipes, gear (of course) and the twists and turns of our life experiences. In a place as large as Mt. Robson Provincial Park, few fellow humans are seen on the trails during the day – it’s kind of nice to be in the midst of others while in the backcountry at the end of the day.

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Click here to read more about the trip.

Photo Ops:

– Robson Glacier

– Extinguisher Tower

– Mt. Robson from the meadows leading to Snowbird Pass

– Reef Icefield at Snowbird Pass


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