Fractured rock

Fractured rock - Madawaska Highlands

Fractured rock – Madawaska Highlands

Free time and the weather colluded in a way that finally permitted us to explore the trail network in Calabogie.  We set off on the Manitou Mountain Trail this past Sunday, thankful that the crisp air kept us comfortable as we ascended 500′ to the Manitou Mountain lookout.

The trail map was somewhat misleading – not even accurately reflecting the official trailhead that we used on Barrett Chute Road.  We confirmed our location with a local resident who was preparing his camp in the woods for the upcoming hunting season, and decided to make our outing time rather than destination-based.

This rock caught my attention on the return trip.  Water and ice have conspired to fracture and separate horizontally, as well as vertically into pie shaped wedges, creating new resting places for the falling leaves…

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