Moose Creek

Moose CreekI was lucky³ to spot this property about 45 minutes east of Ottawa while I was riding the train to Montreal a few weeks ago.  Why lucky³?  For one, I happened to look up from what I was reading in time to observe this scene through my window…  Secondly, even though the train was moving at full speed, I was able to spot and read a road sign that was visible from a level crossing a few moments later – that helped me with some map research back home…  Thirdly, I was able to actually find this spot where I thought it might be, and access it from a railroad track where I wouldn’t have to worry about trespassing on private property…

So why the special attention?  It’s safe to say that I am drawn to older structures that are able to tell a story without needing a written word.  Having said that, this building has a lot of character.  From its weathered wooden siding, to its broken windows.  The fact that it is still nearly perfectly upright after all these years is a testament to its strength – both physical and metaphysical.

For as much as this building looked determined to stay standing, it took a certain amount of determination to make this photograph.  Apart from being able to get here on a blue sky day with fresh snow on the ground, it took 3 layers of clothing and a pair of snowshoes to deal with the environment (-12°C with 48km/hr gusts), and required hauling a backpack full of gear and a tripod to boot.  I had fun doing it though!

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  1. This was my grandparent’s house. The barn was torn down this year as the farm was sold. Thank you for taking such a lovely photo.

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